Juggling a Family and Your Business


Everything on this site is devoted to small business owners, so it also applies to mums who run their own businesses by default.

So why single out mums in business?

I know from experience that being a mum and running your own business have unique challenges, especially if you’re the primary care giver.

Work life balance, flexibility and working from home options become of upmost importance.

A typical work day for a business mum (or business dad if he’s the primary care giver) may look like this:

  • Feed kids
  • Prepare school lunches and pack school bag
  • Check and respond to emails and social media
  • Get kids ready for school
  • Get self ready
  • School drop-off
  • Client meeting
  • A few hours devoted to work
  • School pick-up
  • After school activities
  • Homework
  • Prepare dinner
  • Bathe and dress kids
  • Feed family
  • Bed-time routine
  • Do some more work
  • Collapse in bed.

Then there’s the grocery shopping, errands, housework and…well you get the picture.

We can all use a little help to manage these competing demands and at this site you will find loads of information, tools and templates aimed at helping business mums. Check out our articles for Mums in Business.