Are you ready to start a business? 5 minute quiz

Questions to ask before starting a business


Take 5 minutes to consider these questions to confirm your business readiness

Before starting a business you need to consider your suitability and whether you’re ready. Start by asking yourself the following questions.

  1. Are you passionate about your business idea?
  2. Do you think you are ready to start a business?
  3. Do you have a support network (family and friends) if needed?
  4. Have you ever run a business before?
  5. Have you worked in a similar business or industry before?
  6. Would you describe yourself as entrepreneurial?
  7. Do you have the right skills, knowledge and experience to run a business?
  8. Do you have relevant industry knowledge, experience or qualifications?
  9. Do you need further training or skills development? If so what?
  10. Are you good at making decisions?
  11. Would you describe yourself as resilient?
  12. Are you good at planning ahead?
  13. Are you determined and tenacious?
  14. Do you get along well with people?
  15. Can you be flexible and responsive when needed?
  16. Are you open to change and new ways of doing things?
  17. Have you ever worked as a manager or supervisor?
  18. Do you know where to find the right people and advice when needed?
  19. Are you open to learning new things?
  20. Have you fully researched your idea?
  21. Do you have the funding or access to funding to start and run a business?
  22. What will you do if this doesn’t work out?

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