FREE Business Idea Planning Tool

Brainstorming tool to identify YOUR Kind of Business


Deciding to start a business is a big step and can be overwhelming.

The first step is identifying the ‘business idea’. Our article here provides tips on how to do that:

A key part of our article is that you should in fact ‘Start with YOU not the idea’.

This brainstorming tool can help you identify what you really want from a business first – rather then jumping to a business idea that ‘makes sense’ based on your skills and experience.

A business is more likely to be successful if you love what you do, rather than one that ‘makes sense’.

Using this tool you will drill down into what you love doing and what you don’t like doing as well as your personal goals.

You can use it to inform the process of identifying the actual business idea.

Download this free tool to discover what you really want from a business – NO email address required! By downloading or accessing this resource you agree to our Terms of Use.

The Business Idea Planning Tool is based on the CREEM  5 areas of work and life concept.