5 Key Points for Safe Workplaces

Do you understand your safe workplace obligations?


Business owners are required to provide a safe environment for anyone in their workplace and are responsible for the health and safety of their employees and contractors. In Australia these requirements are set out in legislation and are administered by state or territory regulators.

Your state or territory safety regulator  can provide information or resources to help you assess and make your workplace compliant with relevant workplace safety legislation. It will also provide information on whether you require workers’ compensation.

Business owners should make a commitment to ensuring everyone understands their safety responsibilities and acts on them. Here are 5 key points to consider for safe workplaces:

1. Consultation

Arrangements are in place to regularly discuss safety issues and those in the workplace are involved in developing safe work procedures and making safety decisions.

2. Safe work procedures

Any safety risks have been identified and those risks appropriately controlled. Safe work procedures developed and implemented.

3. Training and supervision

Anyone working in your business is inducted and trained in safe work procedures. Additional training and supervision is provided where required.

4. Reporting safety

Procedures for reporting safety issues and incidents are developed and implemented.

5. Workers’ compensation and return to work

Your workers’ compensation insurance policy is up-to-date and all injuries are reported to the insurer. All workers are aware of the return to work policy and return to work plans

**It’s important to refer to your state or territory safety regulator to understand your specific obligations and for more detailed information.**

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