Why social media matters & 5 tips for your small business

Want to know how to use social media for your business?


In today’s digital environment, social media is crucial when it comes to the marketing of any small business. However, the landscape of social media can be a tricky one to master, and daunting for small business.

So why does social media matter?

Firstly, social media platforms are cost-free or have free or low cost options. This makes them a great marketing option for small business, while providing an easy avenue for reaching large and responsive audiences.

Another advantage of social media is that it allows for you and your business to create a relationship with your customers. Imagine giving your customers a behind-the-scenes or exclusive view of your business. Use social media to add a sense of personality to your brand and team. Effectively using social media also makes it easier to learn about your audience via their engagement. You will be able to, see their needs and expectations first-hand and better target them. So where do you start?

Here are a 5 top tips for social media

  1. Research the best social media platforms

Before building a social media presence, it may be helpful to research potential platforms that are applicable to your business. In almost all cases, Facebook will be ‘must-have’ pages for any business. Instagram is generally more suited to retail or hospitality businesses, but it can work for other business types.

If your business is extremely responsive and depends upon instant and constant connection with audiences, then Snapchat or Twitter may be a better option. In the end, the social media platform(s) you choose should reflect your business’ ethos. To find out more about individual social media platforms.

  1. Analyse post effectiveness

Once your social media presence is established, analyse the effectiveness of your posts by examining the number of shares and likes, and deciding which posts generally gain the most traction. The more you understand the posts that are successful, the greater interaction you are likely to gain from your audience.

  1. Plan your marketing calendar

Before every month, stay organised and consistent by keeping a marketing calendar outlining the photos or text you will be posting throughout each week. This will allow you to see the overall social media output from a bird’s eye perspective. A calendar also helps you keep posts valuable and useful for your audience, as well as consistent, so that no two posts are the same.

  1. Recognise the power of images

It is important to recognise the effect a good image can have on your customers. Whether you are a coffee bean maker, or a jewellery creator, a stunning image of your product on Instagram or Facebook is bound to impress your audience.

Think about placement when taking photos of your product, and try to use a camera that will deliver a high quality image at the end. Once you post the photo, use this as an opportunity to place a link with the image. The trick is to produce a photo that will wow your audience, who will then explore further by clicking the ‘link’ you provide. The link should ideally bring the audience to your main website, or where your product/service is listed.

  1. Be consistent

Social media isn’t something you can just do the once. You need to constantly work at it and sustain your social media presence. There’s no point trying to be on every social media platform if you can’t sustain a presence on them and keep them updated.