5 Places to Get Small Business Advice & Support

Where can I get small business advice?


Starting a business is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, so you want to get it right.

To give your small business the best chance of success you should consult qualified experts such as accountants, solicitors and business advisors before you start out and along the way. It’s imperative you select the right expert for your business.

You may also need advice or support in other areas.

Here are 5 places you can go to get small business advice.

1. Government Small Business Services

You will probably find that your state and federal government, and possibly your local government will provide some level of advice and support.

They often have information rich websites devoted to small business and contact details for further advice.

They also will point you in the right direction for your legal and tax obligations, as well as grants and funding and possibly business mentoring opportunities.

Here is a list of government sites in Australia and New Zealand that you may like to start with.

2. Business Advisory Services

Some government bodies provide business advisory or enterprise centres for small business for free or a low cost.

You may also like to consult a private business advisor or business consultant. However, like engaging any expert, it’s important you do you due diligence first to ensure they are the right expert for your business.

3. Industry associations 

You may wish to search online for the leading industry associations and membership organisations for your industry of choice.

They often provide relevant information on requirements for their industry on their websites and may provide contacts for further information.

You may like to sign up for industry newsletters via their websites as well.

4. Business networks

Most industries and regions have some form of business networking groups or Chambers of Commerce that you may like to join.

This will connect you with likeminded business owners who can share their experiences with you.

Some business networks are quite specialised, such as business mums, or IT professionals.

It’s worth doing a search on the internet for a network that suits you and even checking out MeetUp groups, Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.

5. Online resource sites 

These days there are loads of websites, such as InJust5 devoted to small business.

They will differ in terms of quality, the region they operate in, as well as level of unpaid and paid access to resources.

It’s worth doing a search online and checking out what’s available but remember it’s always best to consult a qualified business adviser, accountant or solicitor for advice before making any decisions about your business. You should also check your local obligations, regulations and legislation in your state, territory and country.