5 Social Media Trends for 2017 and Social Media for Small Business

Find out the latest social media stats and trends and what they mean for small business


Social media is undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing tools for small businesses. To help you with understanding content and what platforms to use you can check out our How To Make Social Media Work for Your Business guide here:

Social media is also a rapidly changing landscape, which makes it difficult for small business to stay on top of the different platforms and marketing strategies.

So to further help you out, we have developed a report on the latest social media statistics and a quick overview on what may be on the horizon in 2017.

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Plus here are 5 predicted social media trends for 2017 from the social media gurus at www.socialmediaexplorer.com. You can read the whole article here.

  1. Encouraging employees to be brand ambassadors – you should seek to create an environment and framework where employees can advocate your brand via social media. It’s a great idea because employee posts build more credibility and trust than the ‘corporate’ line and individuals’ content is not filtered by social media networks the same way as corporate content.
  2. ‘Real’ Real-Time Engagement – potential leads, questions, feedback and complaints have to be dealt with ASAP – in real time. If you don’t you may lose potential customers and sustain reputational damage.
  3. Driving Decisions Through Analytics – in 2017 pay more attention to your data and change your strategy accordingly. Who is engaging and when? What kind of content garners the most engagement?
  4. Social Video – content isn’t king, video content is and live video broadcasting is the ultimate. Whether it’s YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook Live, Periscope or all of them. Get on it now!
  5. Be connected – The 5th point is from us at InJust5 – More socially connected businesses will be more likely to maintain a competitive edge over less connected businesses. So time to connect and engage on social media as much as your customers are.

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