5 Ways to Manage Multiple Social Media Platforms & Save Time Doing It

How to increase social media presence and better manage multiple platforms


Once a small business owner has got a hang of social media on one or two platforms, the next logical step is to increase your presence to other platforms.

However one of the biggest stumbling blocks is how to do it without taking up too much time.

The great news is that there are loads of ways to do it properly and save time.

Here are our 5 tips for expanding and managing an increased social media presence and multiple platforms.

1. Be ready to commit yourself.

You should only create additional social media accounts if you have the time or inclination to manage all of the accounts – and sustain your efforts.

This means being active, plus engaging and posting regularly on all accounts.

It’s better to do one platform extremely well than several platforms poorly.

2. Choose your additional social media platforms wisely

You should only choose platforms your ideal customers use, engage in and are appropriate to your business and industry.

As a general rule though the most commonly used platforms are: Facebook, LinkedIn (for business to business), Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. You don’t have to do all of them though, and others may be more appropriate for your ideal customers.

You can also check out this free social media guide for detailed information on each platform and who uses each one.

3. Consider getting help

If social media isn’t your thing, or you would like to focus on other parts of your business, then by all means delegate it to someone else.

Most social media accounts allow you to add other users as administrators for your accounts.

This may be a trusted employee who gets you and your business as well as how to use social media.

You may like to hire a social media expert.

Many people make the mistake of delegating this important task to their niece or a younger employee, assuming they can do a great job because they would know how to use social media. Don’t make this assumption. Social media is like any marketing tool or channel. You need to understand how to use it appropriately as a marketing tool, as well as the technology behind it. 

TIP: if you plan on outsourcing social media to an overseas provider or even locally, choose someone whose first language is the same as your native language. You will want to see samples of their work and ensure they understand your ‘voice’ and what kind of posts you do and don’t want.

4. Plan ahead

Unfortunately social media can be seen as a time sucking chore for many business owners.

But it doesn’t need to be if you plan your social media content ahead of time.

Planning ahead for the week or fortnight is a great time-saving strategy.

Check out our free 5 step social media planner.

5. Use a scheduling tool

Lastly but certainly not least, you should consider using a scheduling tool to automate your pre-planned content.

There are many free and low-cost scheduling tools that enable you to manage and schedule all of your posts from one dashboard or app.

While some content should be impromptu and posted as it happens, a lot can also be pre-scheduled.

Often you can use the same post across several platforms, though it does pay to tailor your format and language to the individual platform.

Our favourite scheduling tool is MavSocial, which has some great repeating content features and ability to upload or use a library of visual content all from the one dashboard.

Other tools include www.hootsuite.com or www.buffer.com. All offer free plans – though the free plans limit the number of accounts you can add and some features.

If you upgrade to a pro-version of these accounts you can often access great features such as RSS feeds – that is you can add a feed from a website you know consistently produces great content and it will appear in your dashboard for easy sharing to your social media.

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