How to Get Hundreds of Real Social Media Followers in a Week – Tips for 5 Platforms

Find Out How To Get Hundreds of Twitter & Instagram Followers Every Week For Free Plus Tips for Facebook & LinkedIn 

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One of the most frustrating things for small businesses when it comes to social media, is when they go to the effort of creating a social media presence only to find it difficult to get followers or fans.

Now every marketing expert will tell you that the number of likes or followers you have is a ‘vanity metric’ and that it’s more important to have a smaller number of engaged followers, that a huge following of people not really interested in your content.

There is definitely some truth in that.

But there is also truth in the fact that more followers, can also mean more social credibility, greater reach AND greater engagement….if they’re REAL followers.

That’s the trick. Get REAL followers.

So before you jump at those opportunities you see to buy followers or fans or those too good to be true posts that say something like, retweet or comment below to get hundreds more followers, you should focus instead on finding REAL followers.

What’s a REAL follower?

For the purpose of this article I am going to refer to a real follower, as someone you have connected with, without paid means or automatic follow tools.

Ideally a real follower is someone connected to you based on shared interests or demographics.

The great news is that you can get REAL followers for FREE quite quickly using a few simple strategies and tools.

Can I automate getting followers?

There are definitely a range of tools and apps out there, and I’ve tried some, which automate many aspects of gaining or encouraging new followers.

These tools also can automate engagement such as creating automated comments and likes on posts.

As a general rule, I’m happy to use tools and apps that help me easily identify follows and unfollows, and find potential followers. I don’t recommend apps or products that automate any form of engagement.

Automated engagement is not in the spirit of social media. Leave the engagement for REAL people.

Tools though that help you manage your followers and follow activities can definitely be a big time saver and I’ll detail some of those below.

Tips and tools for getting hundreds of real followers for 5 major social media platforms

1. Twitter followers

Use Tweepi

Tweepi is a great tool with a free account option that enables you to apply bulk actions to follow and unfollow user accounts.

Using Tweepi I have got hundreds of new followers every week.

You just go to Tweepi and sign-up by linking it to your Twitter account.

Your Tweepi dashboard shows you at a glance how many followers you have, how many followers you aren’t following back and how many followers aren’t following you back.

You can then easily click through to see the user profiles and take any follow or unfollow action you wish.

There are some limits Tweepi and Twitter place on you to discourage “aggressive” following and unfollowing. For example, at the time of writing you could only ‘unfollow’ a maximum of 100 users and ‘follow’ a maximum of 250 users in a 24 hour period.

You also can’t ‘unfollow’ anyone if you followed them less than 3 days ago.

Additionally Tweepi places some limitations on free accounts, but you can still get a lot of functionality with the free version.

Here are the key actions I take using Tweepi to grow my following.

Log into Tweepi regularly to manage your followers

You can log in daily if you like. I started out daily but found twice weekly worked better for me in the initial growth stage.

You could even do it weekly or less frequently but you won’t get the same level of follower growth.

You need to keep in mind that Twitter users work predominately on a reciprocal arrangement – that is they follow people, with the hope they will follow back. So it’s not unusual to lose Twitter followers if you haven’t followed them back within a timely manner – I have found that most users will give you a few days to a week before taking an unfollow action.

Follow back first

Click on ‘You’re not following back’ on your dashboard and check who has followed you. Then simply click on any user you wish to follow back.

I don’t automatically follow back everyone, because my focus is on REAL followers and those whose content is appropriate for me and my business.

I tend not to follow people back who have no profile image or an image that looks inappropriate for my audience.

I also avoid user names that look too salesy or inappropriate.

Personally I also avoid user accounts that are devoted to politics or religion, as this isn’t relevant to me or my audience.

Additionally I don’t follow back any user listed as unknown or never tweeted.

I also avoid accounts not in my native language, as I want to know what Tweets say when they are on my feed, or from locations commonly known for spam or scams.

I DO double check some accounts my clicking on their profile image, which takes me to their home page and I can see at a glance whether they are appropriate.

This still leaves plenty of appropriate users for me to follow back.

Unfollow users not following back

On the free version of Tweepi, you will need to click on ‘You follow’ from your dashboard.

This will list in reverse chronological order all the people you follow. You can tell if they don’t follow you back because it will say ‘You are following’.

If they follow you back it will say ‘Mutual friendship’.

Then you can go through and ‘Unfollow’ any users not following back (as long as you followed them 3 days ago or longer) – up to the daily limit.

Manage your follow ratio

Unfollow actions are reasonably important on Twitter and a key metric on Tweepi, as you want to keep your ‘follow ratio’ to a credible percentage.

Follow ratio is the percentage of ‘Followers’ you have compared to ‘People you’re following’.

A lower percentage means you follow way more people than follow you back – this gives people the impression that not many people want to follow you.

A higher percentage means you have loads more followers than you follow back – this is common on celebrity and large accounts, but may discourage users from following, if they were hoping for a follow back.

The optimal follow ratio is a matter of opinion, but I think between 60% and 110% is a good aim.

When you start out you will find it difficult to get your ratio right, so you may need to be super diligent about unfollowing people who don’t follow you back, at least in the initial stages.

Follow users

In Tweepi you can go up to ‘Follow Tools’ on the menu at the top of your dashboard and choose ‘By @user’s followers’. This lets you easily identify followers of a popular account and follow them.

I like to choose a user with a decent sized but not massive following (between 5,000 and 25,000) focusing on a similar area of interest as my business.

You can go into your Twitter account and search for suitable users by using keywords or a specific hashtag.

Then copy their user handle (@name) and paste into Tweepi.

I then also like to add filters to get the type of followers I am most interested in.

The filters are completely up to you, and you could just click on every follower shown.

Personally I focus on the type of followers most likely to be interested in my content and to follow back.

The filters I use focus on users ‘with a profile image’, who have tweeted in the last few days, have more than 150 followers, have a follow ratio of more than 60% but less than 110% and I’m not already following. Then you just follow any users shown in the results, clicking on any profile images I wish to double check – up to the daily limit.

This certainly narrows your results, and on some accounts and pages you won’t see any users you can follow. It also slows down the process but as I said I personally focus on REAL followers.

Of course it’s quite easy to unfollow someone from your Twitter account later if you don’t like the content they post, but I like to be targeted from the outset.

As a general rule for every two follows, you will get one equivalent follower.

Other strategies for increasing your Twitter following

Like any social media platform, engagement goes a long way to getting new followers.

This means posting high quality content on a regular basis.

Liking, retweeting and commenting on other people’s content.

2. Instagram Followers

Instagram can be a bit trickier to get and retain followers, as there seem to be a lot of people using automated Instagram tools and apps.

I have found that it’s not unusual for someone to follow you, then you follow them back, but soon after they unfollow you for no obvious reason.

This does happen occasionally on all social media platforms for many reasons such as they don’t like your content, or they closed their account, or are just flushing their accounts to improve their follow ratio (a dangerous assumption as many people will unfollow someone who seems to have unfollowed them for no reason).

I do find though this occurs a lot more frequently on Instagram making it more difficult to maintain your followers number and manage your own follow ratio.

My observations are that I will see a significant drop in followers if I haven’t been posting consistently.

Post consistently

Social media guru Neil Patel in this Forbes article points to a study showing that what matters most for Instagram is posting consistency not frequency.

He says that posting to Instagram up to even 20 times a day doesn’t necessarily have a negative impact on your Instagram engagement.

“That is, until you change the frequency. If you make a habit of posting several times a day, and then transition to only a few times a week, you will start to lose followers, and generate less engagement per post.”

So when it comes to Instagram, you should choose a posting frequency that works for you, and that you can reasonably sustain.

Follow back

You will also see followers drop if you haven’t followed them back in a timely manner. On Instagram though follow-backs are generally expected in a much sooner timeframe of 24 hours or even less.

However as I said I even see significant drops in followers who I have followed back, for no explicable reason.

I suspect in many cases this is because the person is using an automated app, which periodically follows and unfollows people, or points-based programs where you can mass follow Instagram users, based on a credits system – that is you can mass follow X number of users by spending Y number of credits. You earn credits by follow-backs, but if you unfollow within a certain timeframe, you still get to keep your credits.

As I said earlier, I don’t recommend these programs or automated apps, as they aren’t focused on getting REAL followers and KEEPING them.

If you do experience this strange follow then unfollow behaviours, don’t be discouraged because there are some tools and strategies that can help you maintain your follow ratio, get loads of real followers and easily identity fickle followers/unfollowers.

Use Followers Pro App

Using the free Followers Pro app I regularly get several hundred new followers on Instagram a week.

With Followers for Instagram, you can find who unfollowed you on Instagram, who is not following you back and track new followers, plus search Instagram users.

The premium version also lets you track engagement and your most popular posts.

There are some limits imposed my Instagram though, where you can only take 60 follow or unfollow actions per hour.

This has been quite sufficient for me.

I have logged in once or twice each day only, but you could better manage your follow ratio and grow your following more rapidly by logging in several times a day.

These are the key actions you should take on the app.

Follow back

First I click on ‘I’m not Following Back’ from the dashboard and follow back users.

I don’t automatically follow back everyone as I want real followers und use a similar filtering approach as I use for Twitter, but I do follow back most.

If it is a private account, a child’s account, looks like it has no content or the content is explicit or too salesy, I don’t tend to follow back. If I’m not sure I click on their profile image and look at their content.

Have unfollowed me

I then click on ‘Unfollowed me’ on the dashboard and go through the list of users who have unfollowed me. I unfollow anyone I am still following.

Are not following back

Lastly I go to ‘Are not following back’, which lists users not following you back in reverse chronological order. I then unfollow the users towards the bottom of the list (these will be the ones I followed a few days ago or longer) until I hit my limit. Sometimes you may need need to repeat the unfollow process again later in the day if you want to better manage your follow ratio.

Other strategies for increasing your Instagram following

The above strategy is great for managing followers, but I have found the most effective way to get new followers is to engage with followers within your Instagram account.

Here are some strategies that will bring you to the attention of more users relevant to your niche or location and encourage new REAL followers.

  • Find new followers from within Instagram by searching for relevant hashtags or by geolocation. You can also click on a follower you aspire to and click on the drop down arrow next to ‘Following’. Instagram will give you suggestions of accounts to follow. You can also click on ‘Following’ and ‘Followers’ to see user accounts connected to the user and then follow their accounts.
  • Engage in content, liking and commenting on posts regularly
  • Have great photos – shoot square photos for a start
  • Include a link in your bio – links in Photo descriptions are not clickable, so you need to direct people to the link in your bio and update the link as often as needed to direct traffic to specific landing or sales pages. Use a customised link shortener such as or Google’s shortener for the URL in your Instagram bio so you can better track clicks
  • Use Instagram’s explore feature to find posts related to trending hashtags. Include trending tags in timely posts
  • ALWAYS use hashtags!
  • Tag influencers, other businesses in your posts and cross promote and tag geo locations in posts
  • Use a mix of videos and images.

3. LinkedIn Connections and Page Followers

Admittedly my focus recently has been on Twitter and Instagram, and while my LinkedIn connections number 500+ my LinkedIn page followers need a boost.

I have though used several strategies for my other pages and those of clients to increase my followers. Here are my top strategies.

Increase your personal connections to 500+

The beauty of LinkedIn is that the more first hand connections you have, the more 2nd and 3rd connections you can connect with in an instant, meaning you’re only one connection away from millions of people.

Build your connections initially by going to ‘My Network’ in the top menu and choosing ‘Add personal contacts’ option in the left hand menu. You can also upload exisiting contact lists and address books to send an invitation to.

Also from the ‘My Network’ page you will see loads of 2nd connections that you can easily send a connection request to, to rapidly increase your network.

Post regularly

Try to post one status update each weekday and do it consistently.


Engage with your connections updates, liking and commenting on their content and follow their pages. Start conversations.


When you send a connection request, you have the option to personalise it, and you should especially if you don’t know the person. Explain briefly why you are reaching out to them.

Promote your LinkedIn presence

Include links to your LinkedIn profile and page in your email signature, on your website, business cards and marketing collateral.

Join and participate in groups

There are loads of LinkedIn groups dedicated to every niche or industry possible.

Engage in conversations. Ask and answer questions. And after regular engagement promote your own content if relevant.

You could even start your own group.

Add keywords to your profile

Make it easier for people to find you by including relevant keywords in your profile.

Regularly publish articles on LinkedIn

Publishing articles regularly on LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to reach new audiences. Remember to use relevant hashtags when you click the ‘Publish’ button.

Other key tips

  • Encourage employees to list your company as their workplace on their LinkedIn profile.
  • Include calls-to-action in your updates and articles
  • Create showcase pages for products or product ranges
  • Have a great looking profile
  • Include a professional image of yourself on your profile and a company image and logo on your company page
  • Ask exisiting and new connections to follow your company and showcase pages.

4. Facebook page followers

Again my focus recently has been on Twitter and Instagram, and my Facebook page is need of a boost.

I have though used several strategies for my other pages and those of clients to increase my followers. Here are my top strategies.

Follow other social media accounts 

On Facebook, you can go up to the search bar and type in ‘pages liked by [insert name of person who likes your page]’ or ‘pages liked by people who like [page name] or find pages liked by your customers or another page.

You can also search for accounts based on keywords.

Like and follow pages and posts by your customers as well as key influencers and associates.

Like or follow-back businesses that follow you (if they appear legitimate and relevant to you).

TIP: When you want to like another business page in Facebook, don’t like it from your personal profile, do it from YOUR business page.

Go to the business’s Facebook page and click on the ‘more button’ or three dots found at the bottom of the cover photo and choose ‘like as your page’ and then select your business page.


Tag (use @ symbol then ‘business name’) customers and key influencers in posts that may be relevant to them so it appears on their feeds – this will also increase your reach to new audiences.

Engage/Like/Comment on other pages’ content.

Other key tips

    • Join Facebook groups in your niche or area of interest and engage in conversations
    • Encourage employees to list your company as their workplace on their Facebook profile
    • Include calls-to-action in your posts
    • Include a professional company image and logo on your company page
    • Ask existing and new connections to follow your company page
    • Include links to your page in your email signature, on your website, business cards and marketing collateral
    • Post engaging content
    • Boost posts and run ads to reach new audiences
    • Make use of Facebook apps and custom tabs
    • Use lots of images and videos
    • Broadcast using Facebook Live.

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