5 Expert SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

Expert Profile – Vikas Rana, SEO Consultant, Websitefix.com.au


Recently we were lucky enough to sit down with leading SEO Consultant Vikas Rana who gave us his hot SEO tips for small business.

Vikas has worked with more than 100 SMEs including some of Australia’s best known brands and publicly listed companies. Vikas is founder of WebsiteFix—a digital services agency based in Brisbane. In 2014 he founded Mediatimes.com.au a lifestyle blog with more than 10K active followers.

Vikas, a lot of business owners seem to forget that the purpose of SEO is really to get more sales (or a call-to-action response) and not just get to the top of Google, tell us a little about your approach to getting results.

A quality SEO should not just be focused on getting better search ranking but also on getting quality traffic and conversions. I make sure the keywords we choose for clients bring conversion. For instance, a photographer in Brisbane should rank for keywords like “Event photographer Brisbane” rather than “event photography”. Targeting is very important here. We also advise clients on implementing conversion techniques like having an easy to use enquiry form on the service pages or simple “call-to-actions” on landing pages for users to take a certain action depending on client’s requirements.

How did you start out your journey in Digital Marketing?

When I came to Australia in 2007 I joined a sales and marketing team at Optus as a part-time job while studying my master’s degree.

On my first day at work after training, I broke the team’s record by making eight sales. A record at that time for the team. Within six months I was promoted to team leader and continued to produce great results. After finishing my studies in online marketing, I made a shift to digital marketing and since then I’ve been working in digital marketing for more than seven years.

I like working on finding solutions, systems and strategies which can produce excellent results. I don’t believe in following the herd and I like finding my own unique solutions to the problems. I focus more on smart work not just hard work.

Tell us a bit about your side projects in social media?

While studying, I started a community Facebook page for International students in Australia, which is currently one of the biggest community pages for international students.

As a result of the success of this project, I started another community page for Indians in Australia. Currently the page is the largest and most popular page of its type on Facebook with around 9,500 active users.

I also became fascinated at the time with YouTube and the power of video marketing. I started my own YouTube channel and became one of the top 10 YouTube channels in Australia.

My current focus though is on SEO for WebsiteFix’s clients.

How did WebsiteFix started? Tell us a little bit about your site WebsiteFix.com.au

After gaining years of experience in SEO for SMEs and high profile organisations in Australia, I wanted to focus on helping small to medium size businesses grow online. So I started my own consulting firm WebsiteFix.com.au.

SEO is a highly competitive space, with more than 100 specialist agencies in Australia but I knew I had a unique skillset and offering for clients.

I started working on SEO for my own site and in less than six months, WebsiteFix.com.au was (and remains at the time of writing) on the top of page 1 in Google for my local SEO Services keyword – a highly competitive term. I thought If I could beat my competitors (that is, other SEO companies) in search rankings, then I can do the same for my clients, so they could too beat their competitors.

So far, every client I have worked for has scored first page rankings, great online exposure and positive branding.

What is the secret to your success in digital?

I think working directly with customers in sales and marketing in the past has helped me understand customer psychology and develop effective strategies to reach out to customers online.

SEO is a rapidly changing space so I am committed to my own professional development and understanding customer behaviours, buying patterns and what influences them the most.

One of the best things I have done over the years is make some great connections with other like minded people, such as business owners and bloggers. I work with awesome content writers to help my clients with their content strategy and spread the word.

I’m consistently working on researching better technique to bring more conversions from the websites.

My focus remains not just on bringing high quality traffic to my clients’ website but also on implementing some great conversion techniques to improve overall sales and revenue.

So what would your top 5 tips be for small business owners?

  1. Hire a reputable expert

One of the biggest issues in the SEO industry is that there are a lot of individuals of companies offering SEO services, and they vary greatly in quality. Many small businesses end up engaging less reputable SEO consultants. This means they spent money but never got the results or even worse they got low quality SEO done on their site leaving them vulnerable to future Google updates. So, my first advice is to perform a complete check on the SEO consultant and company. You can do this by checking his/her LinkedIn Profile to check experience, and also check online reviews such as Google reviews and see where they appear in Google results. For more information you can read this blog.

  1. Have a great website to send users to

Investing money in your website and SEO is one of the best marketing investments you can make in your business. A website is your first point of contact for many online users and SEO helps you get found via Google. So, both are very important.

  1. A great website doesn’t necessarily mean fancy design

Don’t go overboard with the website design. Try to keep it simple for users to easily navigate through your products and service. Make it as simple as possible. See Google and Apple’s websites, they are super easy to navigate. Make sure your site loads fast and add lowers resolution images. Use this tool to compress images and then upload to your site.

  1. Give people a reason to stay on and return to your site

Don’t just focus on selling. Try to give value to your followers via blogs or latest news in your industry or other downloadable tools such as ebooks. This will help you boost your social media marketing and having regular fresh content on your website is also good for SEO.

  1. Remind people to take action

Never forget to implement conversion techniques like a simple enquiry form or your phone number on the service page on your site. Try to keep only one “call-to-action” like “Enquire NOW!” or “Call us now!”. Asking users to perform too many actions on the same page is asking too much given the attention span of online users today is only 10-15 seconds and will only confuse the user and they’ll leave the site without taking any actions. Online chat software can also be a good option for getting leads.

Find out more about Vikas and his services at WebsiteFix.com.au.