Do you wish small business was just simple?

I know I do.

I’m Kylie Fennell.

I’m a Marketer, Business Advisor and Trainer with more than 20 years of industry experience.

But I’m also a Small Business Owner and Mother – so I know how important it is to keep business simple.

I’ve been through the frustrations of starting, managing and growing a business, all the while trying to balance family commitments and well, have a life.

You want to be your own boss.

You want a business that works for you and your family.

You want to have a successful business and a steady income but you also want the time and freedom to enjoy your life.

The reality though, is that business is all too often confusing and overwhelming.

In Just 5 is all about making small business and your life as a business owner simple. My site is dedicated to everything you need to know for starting, managing or growing a business.

I also cater for Mums in Business because I have some BIG experience in that area.

But most importantly I include a focus on managing life outside of your business.

The site features stories, videos, interviews with experts, guides, tools, templates, case studies and plenty of free downloads.

And I make sure it’s ALL simple. I do this by using the concept of 5.

Whether it’s 5 steps, 5 components or something you can do in 5 minutes – I break it down so it’s simple.

The concept of simplyFIVEing business and life isn’t the only thing unique about In Just 5.

At my site, you can access loads of free content and downloads, without handing over your email address.

I know how annoying it is when people will only give you something useful if you give them your email address first. Then you find yourself bombarded with series of unwanted emails.

So I have tonnes of useful content and FREE downloadables on offer with NO EMAIL ADDRESS REQUIRED.

Of course if you love my stuff so much that you don’t want to miss a single item, then go ahead and subscribe, but otherwise please don’t.

I don’t want your email address unless you genuinely like my stuff. It’s completely up to you, with no strings attached.

Now I won’t lie to you. I do have an InJust5 store where you can access some premium but affordable products that will help you with your business.

I know these products are awesome BUT you don’t HAVE TO buy.

The content on the remainder of my site is 100% COMPLETELY FREE and as I said – no email address is required.

As a marketer, I know I’m breaking all of the golden rules by giving this to you for nothing in return.

And I don’t care because I genuinely LOVE helping small business owners just like YOU to succeed!

So dive in and simpliFIVE your small business and life now!