Our contributors

Kylie Fennell – Publisher/Editor

I love creating and curating content, strategies and resources that will make your day. I’m a Writer, Author, Certified Practising Marketer, Business Advisor and Trainer with more than 20 years of industry experience. I’m also a passionate home cook.
By far though, my biggest role to date has been (and continues to be) Small Business Owner and Mother.

I’m the publisher and editor of this site and have written much of the content you will find on this site.

Elizabeth Delaney

I love turning my knowledge into real world strategies for real world people. I’m a huge advocate for small business. l want to help you work smarter, not harder, so you have time to focus on what is important to you.

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Melanie Baker

Melanie Baker is a Brisbane-based journalist with a background in law. Through her knowledge and enthusiasm for small business, Melanie wants to provide practical advice that will take your business idea to the next level. Follow her on Twitter at @_binoculars_.

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Jasmine Bahuguna

Over the past five years in banking and financial sector I have had a chance to operate as a professional facilitator in an internationally-focused work environment. I would like to help you think, start, grow and manage your business and expand your potential in the international business arena. Besides being supporter of small businesses, I am an active health enthusiast, student and a traveler.

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Dr Judy Gregory

Dr Judy Gregory is a writer, researcher, meeting facilitator and Principal at the consultancy Information Design Centre.

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Haku Kapule

Haku Kapule is a contributing editor at 365 Business Tips, a new blog that prides itself on presenting the best advice and practices for small and medium-sized businesses everywhere. He’s passionate about finding and offering useful tips to small business owners. He is an expert in digital PR and marketing strategy and has assisted with the increase of digital presence and customer support for small and large companies alike.

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